Certified Fire Protection Technologies LLC

CFPT is an FBE/WBE provider of professional technical services and staff sourcing and

training to a broad range of industry, healthcare, education and government clients.

The strength of CFPT is the diversity of our experience and the strength of our relationships. 

Our collaborative structure affords program independence and integrity, demographic/market 

delivery, substantive program and financial analysis, and a real-world approach to initiatives 

that can be implemented given the priorities of your organization. Our services and processes

are planned, systematic and quality based to ensure all stakeholders in your organization are

aligned and involved.

Why choose CFPT?

• Our focus is results
• Our business is a HUB Zone, federally registered women owned/operated business.
• Our principals have over 50 years of experience in professional services/training/staffing.


Certified Fire Protection Technologies LLC • Phone: 214.246.4135 or 216.870.3123
Locations: 1265 West 65th St., Cleveland OH 44102 • 10696 Pagewood Dr.,Dallas TX 75230

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