Certified Fire Protection Technologies LLC


Why do I need fire protection and life safety expertise?

Prevention of fire and life safety incidents are primary goals for ensuring business continuity and mitigation of financial and facility risk. 

What technical expertise do I need?

Knowledge of ever-changing building codes and standards, and new technologies, systems and strategies to meet these requirements, are oftentimes beyond the day-to-day resources of most organizations. Expertise in building and fire codes, fire protection systems, fire investigations, facility life safety and fire surveying, fire,
smoke and egress modeling are necessary to ensure a sustainable, safe, operating environment.   

What areas do I examine to evaluate/assess my organization’s fire protection/life safety?

  • Organization’s health/safety staffing, policies, programs and procedures
  • Facilities survey
  • Worker’s Compensation and OSHA Ratings and Experience
  • History of regulatory citations


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